Special Days


Baptism/Family/Confirmation: The Family Of Faith    This was originally written for a Baptismal service, but is a good one for any Family service

More Baptism songs ~

The Family Of God

Lay Your Hands On Me


Palm Sunday:  Hail, Here He Comes  This is a powerful, reflective, song

Palm Sunday:  If Stones Could Talk    This takes its ‘theme’ from part of the description of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, in St.Luke’s Gospel.  At one point Jesus says ‘….. the stones will cry out….’   So ….. if those stones on the road could’ve spoken, what might they have said?

Good Friday:  What Is There To Do?    Also usable at other times

Easter/Good Friday: Barabbas    Yet another ‘oldie’! Written in 1971, this song looks at what happened on Good Friday, from the perspective of one of the ‘lesser players’ in what might be called the Grand Drama, of Easter. Barabbas takes a sideways, and backwards look at what took place and questions how on earth he ever ‘got away with it’!  He thought he knew what was going to happen to him that day …. how wrong could he have been! …. But why?!  It ‘works’ best when highly-dramatised. Although written to be sung at Easter, it can also be used, to great effect, a while later, as a reflective piece, or even on Good Friday itself as a thought-provoker!

Easter:   Beyond The Cross   Easter Morn   He Is Alive!    Risen!    The Hill     These are all new songs, written for Angel Voices, and published in our new song-book: Buckden Praise 2

Easter:  For Us    Written for Good Friday/Easter, but usable at any time

Fair Trade: Why Should We Worry   That’s a good question!!  This is proving to be a very popular, thought-provoking, song

Harvest:    Lord Of All Beauty   Seasons  

Sunshine & Oranges

The Good Samaritan: The Stranger

Trinity: Tongues Of Living Flames

Trinity: Trinity

                                   Remembrance:  Keep Your Heads Down!                                            

And here’s a clip from Canada’s Global TV Network. Their reporter, Mike Armstrong has mixed our recording of the song I wrote with some WW1 front-line footage, and produced this powerful rendition of the song 


All songs on this website are © copyright and registered with CCLI
If you use and/or reproduce any of them please advise Chris

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