A collection of gentle, thought-provoking songs

A Piece Of My Heart

Tigger hearts



Be My Friend    This is a top favourite with one and all!

tigger hug

Be Still   Sometimes it’s hard to just ‘be still, and listen…….can you hear Him?’

Blessings  For use at the end of a Service (or any time!)


Every Time I Think Of You  Another real favourite!!

Here’s Angel Voices singing it, recorded quite a few years ago!

Flowers In The Rain

flowers in the rain

Footprints    This is very loosely based on the well-known story/poem ‘Footprints In The Sand’

For Us (Chords)    Written for Easter/Good Friday, but usable any time

High On The Hillside

Hold Me    This was written, as a poem, during one of our Parish ‘Quiet Days’. I then put it to music, and it has become one of our all-time top-10 favourites!

Hold Me

I Can Hear You Calling

Jesus Is Near!    Another one resulting from our ‘Quiet Days’. Originally written as a poem called ‘Out In The Desert’, but then I wrote the tune, and added the chorus

My Promise   This song was written specifically for Guides/Brownies/Rainbows ‘Thinking Day’. Now the Guiding Promise has changed, but I hope that this is still ‘appropriate’ for that occasion!

My Shepherd   Loosely based on Psalm 23, this is a quiet, reflective, song

Sunshine & Oranges    Not sure where this one ‘came from’!  The tune came first (as often happens), and I was thinking of things to do with the Natural world………

The Sheer Sound Of Silence   I was sitting outdoors on a wonderfully bright and ‘still’ morning. The ‘sheer sound of silence’ was palpable. On one of our Parish ‘Quiet Days’, this was written as a poem, and the tune was added later. It is another of our favourites

Shhh (2)

You Are The One  (based on a 1st Millennium Celtic prayer)

All songs on this website are © copyright and registered with CCLI
If you use and/or reproduce any of them please advise Chris

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