Sometimes there seem to be more questions than answers!
However … to quote another song: ‘Lean on me; I am your rod and staff….’

Tigger-Pooh 1

Are You There?    Answers on a post-card, please!

Hey! What Ya Doing?    That’s a good question!

Questions    So many …. what’s the answer?

Where Are You Going?    Looking at the age-old story, from the perspective of a young boy, who is caught-up the events of the day. He cannot help but ask the Preacher ……’Where are you going?’

Who Is This Stranger?   We all know the answer to that one

Why Did He Do It?    It makes you wonder sometimes!

Why Should We Worry?   (written for Fair Trade)

What Are We Doing?

What Is There To Do?   Written for Good Friday, but it serves well any time

All songs on this website are © copyright and registered with CCLI
If you use and/or reproduce any of them please advise Chris

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