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This set of songs all have Biblical inspirations

This is a ‘fun’ and slightly tongue-in-cheek song!

Take A Look At The Good Book

Noah and the Ark: The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine No More  (another ‘oldie’ from Chris)  This works very well when ‘dramatised’, with a soloist singing the main part, and everyone joining in the refrain and the chorus. Despite the ‘tragedy’ element to this song, it’s great fun!

Psalm 23: I Will Rest

Psalm 23:    My Shepherd

Psalm 23: The Lord’s My Shepherd    This was one of Chris’ first compositions, written for ‘The New Countryfolk’ (see under ‘Praise Him!’). The tune was originally written for ‘There Is A Green Hill’ and also works very well with ‘O Little Town Of Bethlehem’. Here is a 4-part version, with keyboard accompaniment: 
The Lord’s My Shepherd (Keyboard)

Lead Me

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Here is an up-beat variation on Ps.23. The chorus uses the the first two lines of the Hymn ‘The King Of Love My Shepherd Is’ ~ in Swahili, as taught to me many years ago by a Missionary! The verses are a paraphrase of the Hymn. It’s sung with plenty of energy!


And another song inspired by Psalm 23

The Lord's My Everything

Psalm 28: You Are My


Psalm 66: All The Earth

Psalm 103:  Praise The Lord, O My Soul!

Psalm 117:   Praise The Lord!

Psalm 121:  Stay In The Shade

Psalm 121:   I Lift Up Mine Eyes    The title, at least, was inspired by this psalm

I Will Lift My Eyes

Psalm 150:  Praise The Lord


The Lord’s Prayer:   Thine Is The Kingdom

Magnificat:  Magnificat 


Mary’s Song

Nunc Dimitis:  Nunc Dimitis

Matthew 5:  Blessed Are They!     Happy Are They    Bread And Fishes

Matthew 13:  The Seed

Matthew 16:  On The Rock

Luke 10 (The Good Samaritan):  The Stranger     The words of this composition came to me after seeing the tragedy of the brutal murder of a young off-duty soldier on  a London street (in May 2013). Watching the women who went to comfort the mortally-wounded young man, and also to remonstrate with the perpetrators also reminded me of  one of the best-known parables in the New Testament, ‘The Good Samaritan’.

Luke 15:  Prodigal   Loosely based on the well-known parable, ‘poetic licence’ abounds here!

John 2:   Come To Me As Water   This song has a definite ‘communion’ theme when it comes to the words of the verses, but the chorus was inspired by Jesus’ turning water into wine at the wedding at Cana

John 4:  The Water Of Life

1 Corinthians Ch13: The Love Of God

Faith, Hope & Love

Ephesians 6: 16-18:  The Armour Of God

Revelations 3:20  The Door

All songs on this website are © copyright and registered with CCLI
If you use and/or reproduce any of them please advise Chris

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