Praise Him!

Here are some lively songs, all to be sung with plenty of verve!!


A New Day

A Thousand Reasons

Alive!    The words of the verses of this one are loosely based on a hymn (‘Breathe On Me, Breath Of God’) written by Charles Lockhart (1745-1815)

All Of God’s Children   A bright and cheerful song!

Celebrate!   Say no more!

Clap Your Hands  Don’t just sit there …. do it!!  

Emmanuel!  A lively, bounce-along number!

Follow The Son  This one goes with ‘ a swing’!

Give Thanks To Jesus    This is another one of Chris’ earlier songs. It was written for ‘The New Countryfolk’, a highly successful Gospel folk trio, of which he was a member!  Here’s a picture of them in their ‘glory days’, when they sang with Cliff Richard! (in case you’re wondering, Chris is on the left of the picture)

Cliff & TNC

Gloria!  Words based on….

Glory!    This one is Self-explanatory!

Good News!   It sure is!!

Halleluja!    So is this!

He Is Everywhere!  Says it all, doesn’t it?!

Holy Jesus

Praise the Lord ….I Believe!

In My Heart   We entered this one in an International song-writing competition. Each entry was voted-for via Facebook and Twitter. We came 60-something out of approx 300 entries, with about 70 votes. The winner had well over 30,000 votes!!  What it is to have a large contact list!  Despite all that, I hope you like this one

As if we didn’t know ~ Jesus Is His Name!

Let Us Sing    Short and sweet, this is another one from ‘the old days’ …. 1969!

Lift Your Voice    Lift your voice, Halleluja!

Light Up Your Light   Don’t hide it under a bushel!

Make A Cheerful Noise  There’s a little reference to ‘Angel Voices’ (our lovely Gospel Choir at St.Mary’s) in this one

Make Some Noise!    A bright ‘action’ song

Tigger symbals

Make Time For Jesus  I’ll second that!

Mary’s Song   Words based on the Magnificat

My Jesus

New Birth

O Sing To The Lord

On The Road To Glory    One of our favourites!

On The Rock   ‘You are the rock; on you I will build my Church’

(Say no more!)

Praise Him!

Praise God And Sing!

Praise Him!  This is one of our favourites!  It goes with a real good ‘lick’….. Give it some welly!!

Rise Up And Sing To Him    A good ‘all-rounder’

Shine On Me

Shout For Glory    A bright and lively song, which is popular with the children!

tigger shouting

Sing & Shout For Glory   Here’s another ‘oldie’, and one that The New Countryfolk sang regularly, back in the late 60’s – early 70’s

Sing Halleluia!

Song Of Praise!

Stand Up   This one was inspired by the story of ‘the woman who was bent double’. Jesus told her to ‘Stand up!’

The Lighthouse Of The Lord    Don’t hide your light under a bushel!

The River

The Train To Heaven   We have an autistic son who loves trains. In July 2013, we had a wonderful holiday in North Wales, with train rides every day (some on narrow-gauge steam trains!). One day, as we waited for the train to arrive, and then as we sat in the carriage, admiring the wonderful views, I looked around and these words began to form in my mind. The tune was a natural progression from that!  This lively, and very popular, song ‘chuffs along’ very well!!

Tigger & Pooh on train

There Is Redeemer  This is a very popular one with Angel Voices

And here’s a Keyboard arrangement of  There Is A Redeemer (K)

Time    Sitting on a bench on the seafront, watching the sun-set and people going by! Every so often someone stops to tap the front of their sandals/shoes to shift, or knock-out, the sand or stones that have become lodged in there. Music drifts across from the Beach Mission …..  Lots of  folk sitting, and watching the world go by, and all with one thing in common: time on their hands…….

Tigger with clock

Trinity    another self-explanatory song

Wait And See

Walk In The Light!

Watching and Waiting


All songs on this website are © copyright and registered with CCLI
If you use and/or reproduce any of them please advise Chris

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