So now for something different!

It started in late 2008. I was asked to read/perform a poem called
‘A New Nativity’ by Alan Titchmarsh (yes, that one …. the gardening guy!)
at our annual Village Carol Service and it went rather well! This, in turn,
got me thinking and the following year I wrote a poem especially for
the VCS, called The Shepherd’s Story. This was also well-received
and it has now become an ‘expected’ part of the occasion that I
perform a new poem each year (no pressure there then!).

So, here they all are. I have also included a poem that
I wrote for Easter 2012. All of them are best ‘performed’
rather than simply just read. You are welcome to use them
but I would ask that you advise me if you do so, and
also acknowledge my authorship and © copyright


The Shepherd’s Story

musical angel clipart

The Musical Angel


The Other Joseph


The not so Wise Man


The Smile (or ‘The Soldier’) (This is an Easter poem)

Image result for free angel gabriel clipart

Gabriel’s Task

Roman soldier

Herod’s Man


The Night Of Wonder

That Night


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