Bluer Than Blue      This song was originally written, in the early 1970’s, for the Folk Choir at St.Mary’s Church in Horsham (later known as ‘Chalice’), which Chris helped to establish and run. The tune also works very well for the Common Worship ‘Gloria’, with the words being ‘split’ into three verses

Bread Of Heaven

Bread Of Life

Come To Me

Come To Me As Water



Now here’s a thought ~ God’s Radio

I Am With You

I Believe

Lean On Me

O Come To My Heart

Open The Door

Right Up To The Sky    This song was ‘inspired’ by a short piece of prose in a devotional booklet produced by a discussion group at St.Mary’s

Shine Your Light For Me

Spirit Of Freedom

Sunlight  This is a ‘Nature’ song

The Carpenter

The Stranger    The words of this composition came to me after seeing the tragedy of the brutal murder of a young off-duty soldier on  a London street (in May 2013). Watching the women who went to comfort the mortally-wounded young man, and also to remonstrate with the perpetrators also reminded me of  one of the best-known parables in the New Testament, ‘The Good Samaritan’.

This Is The Way

You Are My Rock

All songs on this website are © copyright and registered with CCLI
If you use and/or reproduce any of them please advise Chris

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