Tigger at Christmas 1

One of the most joyful times of the Christian Calendar,
Christmas is a time of celebration of the birth of the Saviour!
These songs certainly reflect that joy ….. sing them with enthusiasm!!

A Cross In The Manger   A thought-provoking song, reminding us that the innocence of the Christ-Child is often over-shadowed by His later self-sacrifice

Follow The Star    A lively new carol

Good Cheer    This is one of Chris’ earlier compositions. It is sung at a good pace, and with enthusiasm!! It was originally published in the December 1972 issue of English Dance and Song, and has been sung regularly (and remains popular) ever since!

He Comes! He Comes!  Give this one some ‘welly’ too!! A more recent composition than ‘Good Cheer’, but equally popular

O Come to us. Written during the second  ‘Lock-Down’ in November 2020

On A Cold And Wintry Day  Another popular new carol

To The Manger  This is a bright little number. When we sing it, the Adults sing the main line, and the Children sing the ‘echo’. Enjoy!

Holy Lamb Of God  A gentle Christmas song, suitable for during Communion

The Kings (an Epiphany song)


All songs on this website are © copyright and registered with CCLI
If you use and/or reproduce any of them please advise Chris

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